Ridgeview Pavilion is located in Bristol. It is a site for the behavioral health rotation. During this rotation, students will generally stay in the Trauma House in Kingsport.

The BasicsEdit

  • Facility Summary
  • Ridgeview Pavilion
    103 North Street
    Bristol, VA 24201
    (423) 844-6000
  • Preceptor: Dr. Liquete

Day 1Edit

Day 1 is more of an orientation and paperwork day, starting at 0900. I did not see Dr. Liquette, but rather met with Doug and went through what to expect and the legal obligations associated with the rotation. Within the first week, we spent 8 hours going over human rights and learning some self defense techniques in case any patient altercations were to occur. Dr. Liquette and her staff are all very helpful and friendly. Expect a positive experience from this rotation.

Daily ExpectationsEdit

Monday through Friday you are expected to be at the clinic at 0930 and leave when the patients are done being seen. You will sit in on staffing procedures and then get to see patients with Dr. Liquette post-staffing. On average, you will likely be released no later than 1300. There are days when you will have more or less responsibility. Dr. Liquette does not allow students to see patients on their own or write in the charts, but you will write a lot of prescirptions and get to see patients with an introduction from Dr. Liquette. She is very good about discussion after the exams. Brush up on the psych specific H&P before you hit the clinic if you want to be prepared. Dr. Liquette will answer any questions you have and will likely spend some extra time outside of clinic reviewing what is important for the shelf and board exam with you. She has been known to meet students at the Barnes and Noble in Johnson City for review and dinner.